About Us

Meet the new caretakers of Ark & Luna: Jorden, Matt, Stevie, and Opal! 

Our deep-rooted passion for nature and Mother Earth has brought us here, inspired by the birth of our girls to pursue what we love even more fiercely.

As parents, we prioritize being present as our children blossom, nurturing interactive learning that nourishes their hearts, minds, and connection to nature. Our dream is to share this vision with you.

At Ark & Luna, you'll discover thoughtfully crafted toys and resources that ignite nature-inspired play, fostering a deeper bond between your family and our beautiful planet. Sustainability is at the core of our values—we're committed to sourcing eco-friendly solutions, using sustainable timber for our wooden products, and ensuring non-toxic paints and sealants.

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Thank you for being here with us on this journey,

Jorden, Matt, Stevie, and Opal xx