About Us

We are Megan, Alex + Wally, new owners of Ark & Luna.

We are passionate about nature, mother earth and doing what we can to support her. With the birth of our son Wally, we have become inspired in doing more of what we love which is ultimately what has led us here to Ark & Luna.

Spending time, observing and being present as our children grow is at the forefront of our lives. Encouraging learning with their hands, their hearts and their minds while respecting nature's gifts is our dream for them. It is this dream we desire to share with you.

Here you will find ethically made toys and resources that inspire nature and imaginative play that connects you and your family to this earth of ours.

Sustainability is important to us, we will always strive to source the most eco-friendly solution. All of our wooden products are manufactured using sustainable timber sources and any paints or sealants are non-toxic. We always post your purchase to you with as minimal packaging as possible.

We invite you to join our email list to ensure you are kept up to date with new product releases, discounts and free resources. Be sure to also follow us on Instagram and Facebook too. We love to see you and your loved ones welcome nature play into your homes and hearts.

Thank you for visiting,

Megan, Alex + Wally x