How to Craft a Smudge Stick

How to Craft a Smudge Stick

Smudge sticks have been used in various forms by many cultures worldwide. Their use is said to aid the cleansing of old energies to invite new energies which support emotional and physical wellbeing. The smoke burned from a sage smudge stick has also been noted in a number of studies to evidence antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities too. 

Smudging your home (or any space) is a beautiful ritual. My children are a part of this process and it forms an integral part of our rhythm around the time of a new moon - a wonderful time to invite the new and set intentions. 

You will need:

- fresh or dried foliage such as sage, lavender, rose or peppermint, or from Australian natives such as eucalyptus and melaleuca.

- pure cotton string or thread

- crystals for decoration (optional)


Trim the foliage to approx 20cm in length, gather it in a tight bundle and tie together the end.

Hold the bundle in one hand and the string in the other and then wrap the cotton around tightly. It does not need to be  wrapped in a particular pattern, it just needs to tightly hold the bundle together. Once you have wrapped it around a few times, tie it off. 

You can include crystals if you wish. We tied a beautiful piece of clear quartz onto ours. 

Tie a hoop on the base of the smudge stick with string. This allows it to be easily hung to dry.

Each smudge stick will need to dry in in a warm space for 3-4 weeks before it can be used.

When smudging your home, it is best to start at the front door and move clockwise around your home. Move mindfully and with intention, allowing the smoke to fill each space. 

These can make a beautiful handmade gift!

Hannah x

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