Nature Play for Babies: Simple Ideas for Exploring Together

Nature Play for Babies: Simple Ideas for Exploring Together

Babies may not yet be talking, but they are communicating with their world already through exploration. Getting outside and immersed in nature is beneficial for people of all ages, including babies!

The sensory experience that is being outdoors can be grounding and soothing for babies, exposure to sunshine assists with melatonin levels and sleep and they learn so much through sensory rich experiences.

Here are some simple ways you can start exploring nature
with your baby:

  • Lay your baby on a blanket outside, allowing them to watch the swaying of tree branches and listen to the sound of birds.
  • Walk with baby in a carrier or pram at your local or national park. Talk to your baby about the sights and sounds.
  • Introduce your baby to the textures of sand, dirt, bark and grass.
  • Allow baby to explore seed pods, leaves or bark and experience the texture and form of these in their hands.
  • Explore the developmental idea of object permanence by burying a shell under the sand then finding it again
  • Provide a space for older babies to experience mixing together dirt and water
  • Observe wildlife together, whether it be birds, caterpillars or snails

On the days that getting outside is difficult, perhaps because of illness, there are also simple ways of inviting nature play into your homes:

  • Create a mobile using items foraged in nature
  • Provide your baby with a space that includes items made from natural materials such as wood and felt
  • Bring seed pods and items foraged for in nature inside and add these to a basket for supervised exploration

How do you explore nature with your baby? We would love to hear your ideas and experiences. Remember to share this blog post with any other Mama’s to babies.


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