The welcoming of a new year sees many set resolutions for change. For some this may include goals that focus on the extrinsic – the attainment of material possessions, career progression or perhaps some measure of wealth.

If you are new to the idea of intention setting, I encourage you to consider adopting in within your own life. Intention setting isn’t an act isolated to the beginning of a new year. Intentions can be set whenever you feel they need to; monthly, weekly or even daily.

Seek meaning in change that is intrinsic, obtaining the sense of living a life that is in line with our values, taking ownership of the life path we wish to journey and those we wish to serve along the way. Having a strong sense of self and emotional resilience are the foundational qualities for leading a truly happy life.

When deciding upon your intention, you could consider bringing someone to mind whom you admire. What qualities do they possess? The ability to see these qualities in someone else is usually reflective of you possessing these same qualities in yourself, or having a desire to manifest these more within yourself or your life.

Intentions are set in the present tense, as an affirmation. For example, instead of stating “I will become more confident” you would state “I am confident” or “I believe in myself”. If this feels uncomfortable, perhaps you could start with “I am open to change”.

Our minds are biologically wired with a negativity bias that looks for exactly that; the negative. By phrasing our intentions positively and in present tense, we are able to by-pass this, reinforce our desires and manifest them into reality.

Hannah x