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Rainbow Warriors and The Golden Bow Book (Softcover)

Rainbow Warriors and The Golden Bow Book (Softcover)

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This fun yoga adventure is a way to heal the world with mindfulness!

Get ready for an exciting expedition off your yoga mat and into the wilderness. This is the first of a series of books by yoga instructor and children’s development specialist, Rainbow Pammy.

This playful, instructional book has been designed to encourage kids to take their yoga practice out into nature. Developing a greater awareness of the environment, an appreciation of its beauty and the importance of their own place in it.

Colourful illustrations accompany step-by-step yoga instruction and photography. This will provide children the basic yoga training they need to develop a meaningful practice that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Founder of Rainbow YogisTM, Rainbow Pammy has spent the last decade developing her own brand of yoga, especially for children, by combining a lifelong obsession with yogic practice, a deep interest in the psychology of mindfulness, as well as her endless love for animals and the environment.
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