Finding meaningful ways to celebrate milestones and events brings a magic to childhood that can otherwise be lost in the modern-day glorification of busy. The lead up to Christmas is one that is often particularly busy and sometimes frantic. Finding ways to slow and to nourish time for connection and co-experience joy, serves to provide us with the presence of what truely is important. 

My son is often asking how many sleeps there are until Christmas. Our Advent spiral display serves as a tangible piece to put perspective to the unknown that is time. The time spent to make this together was meaningful and its presence brings a new rhythm to our home that ignites excitement and joy. 

We made the spiral from salt dough and the advent gnome from a pattern by Wool Felt Home. Starting on December 1st, the gnome will begin its journey around the spiral, moving one spot forward each day and leaving a crystal in the spots behind it. 

We have been inspired by traditional Waldorf advent celebrations that honour and foster connection to the natural world. This influence informs the second part of our advent table. Our celebration ring will hold four candles – one for each of the four Sundays within advent. Each week will pay homage to a different part of the natural world; stones, plants, animals and humankind. 

Each week new pieces will be added to the advent table that reflect the part of the natural world that is in celebration. For example, the first week of advent is to celebrate the light of stone – we will add stones, crystals and seashells to our display. This is followed by a week of plants, animals and finally, celebration of humankind. 

How are you celebrating advent this year? Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see how our advent table evolves as items are added over the month to come. For more craft ideas that embrace the magic of childhood, join our mailing list for your free ebook here.

Hannah x