How to make a Rainbow Finger Labyrinth

How to make a Rainbow Finger Labyrinth

Guest Blog Post by Melinda from Deer and FawnsMade by tracing our Rainbow breathing printable available in our free 5 day mindfulness challenge.


-Air Dry Clay (A whole 500g block for the one pictured. More for a thicker labyrinth)
-Rolling Pin
-Baking paper
-Rainbow Labyrinth template
-Small tumbled gems
-Paint & varnish (optional)


Lay out a sheet of baking paper on a flat surface. Roll out your clay with another sheet of baking paper on top to avoid sticking to your rolling pin. Thickness is personal preference but allow enough room to manipulate the shape, no less than 7mm.

Once you have rolled your clay out, place your cut out rainbow template on top of the baking paper and score the outline of your rainbow. Lift up the baking paper and cut through your clay along these lines. Remove excess clay.

Now that you have your clay rainbow shape, it’s time to create the path. Place the baking paper on top of your rainbow template and trace the outline and path line onto the baking paper. Place the baking paper on top of your clay shape so that it meets up with the shape. Lightly score your path line from the entrance to the heart, with the bottom end of your knife or use the end of a spoon if children are assisting. Remove baking paper.

Now that your path line is on the clay, dip your pointer finger tip in a little water and run it along the line, pressing down. Keep doing this to start forming your path. The water will also assist in smoothing it out and blending the edges.

Because the heart is a much larger area to form, cut a little bit of the clay from it. This will allow you to form the heart and join it to the path without having to worry about it pushing your rainbow out of shape.

If you would like to add crystals, place them around your path and heart. Be sure to keep the entrance free. Push your crystals in enough that they are secure, then run your finger along the path and heart again to reaffirm the shape and blend the edges again. Once you are happy with your rainbow, allow the clay to dry. 

Once your clay has dried you might like to decorate further with a little paint. Whether you choose to paint the whole labyrinth or part is up to you. For this one, I did a gold edging either side of the path. Allow the paint to dry and then apply varnish to seal. 

Melinda is a home educator to her three daughters and owner of Deer and Fawns, a store that encourages nature connection through creativity and holistic education, with a range of products and free resources.

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