Tips for Curating a Nature Table

Tips for Curating a Nature Table

A nature display is an enchanting way for children to engage with the environment around then and invite nature play and learning.

The display can be within a small tray or on a dedicated shelf or table. The idea is that the contents change with the seasons, thus serving to connect children with the rhythms of the natural world. When it is safe to do so, the contents of the nature display should be visible and accessible to children. This invites engagement with its contents and allows for child lead investigation and learning.

Displaying pieces found in nature also serve as a way to evoke imaginary play through the provision of loose parts. Such pieces can be removed from the display and used to create art or within small world play. The nature display itself can be set up in such a way that it is a small world in and of itself, which of course invites its presence to be a continuously evolving and interactive space.


Kate from The Masenhelders shared this beautifully curated winter seasonal table.

Here are some ideas for what can be included:

    • Items found in nature such as rocks, pinecones,
      flowers, leaves and shells

    • Live pot plants

    • Seasonal pieces and toys

    • Candles

    • Play silks

    • Artworks

  • Seasonal books

What do you have on your nature display table?
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